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Hey guys! Tito from Villanova here, I’m so happy to see you attending my awesome website. We have been building this for years now and we are absolutely delighted to finally announce all this wisdom for you guys. It has been a ride to get here, and we are finally here. We will regularly guide you in different exciting areas of life. This time it’s playing cards, tomorrow it will be something widely different. In order to appreciate life fully you indeed need to be open. Who knows what will happen tomorrow or in an hour, all we now is that today we are talking playing cards.

The card deck of life

Do you have any memories from playing cards with your friends? I’m sure you have plenty. When I was a little kid I used to play solitaire all the time, because I didn’t have a lot of friends. I don’t know if it was because of the fact that I was kind of a mean person or if it’s something else. I used to throw cards on people, it was super fun. But I ended up getting relegated from school after hitting a teacher in the forehead with a card.

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Since then I have always had a kinda weird relationship with cards. For the record, that was also the last time I ever threw a card. I would never do such a thing again, as a matter of fact I’m today part of a organization called ”cards for peace”. We work for a future without cards as a weapon. I don’t want anyone to ever go through what I did go through as a child. It’s a serious matter which I hope will get taken cared of. The thing is that playing cards actually is something good and fruitful for any group of friends. Just open up a deck and rejoice together. You can play poker or show off your skills with some cardistry skills. The latter is something I have tried out recently, and it turns out that I’m very talented. I have since then developed a particular set of skills, where I can use my pro skills while also entertaining a group of people.

Playing cards reunite us – buy and see for yourself

Playing cards are indeed awesome and something I wish I found when I was a young kid. Instead of harassing other people with them, cards can instead be used as a reuniting force in a life where we slowly drift apart. A well needed glue in a broken world. I want to encourage you with my whole heart to invest and buy playing cards online from this store right here. I don’t think you can grasp the power of the deck.

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Wait for the river of life – and make your move

The deck of freedom is out there. All you need is to grab it, open it up and shuffle the cards. What then awaits, only the future can tell. Please do me a favor and listen, I can sense that you aren’t paying attention to the vital information I’m trying to provide you. This is serious business, it’s about the future of the world. Go ahead, draw a card and remember it. I will then try to read your mind, it’s possible – but not certain. Just like with life overall. We can predict some things in theory, but the reality always wins. Do you hear me? The reality always wins, just like the house. Buy a deck of cards and see for yourself, you bafoon.

So wait for the river, see what it shows. Are you ready to call, fold or maybe, just maybe – go all in? Go ahead, make my day.